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A Guide to Shopping for Mag Wheels

If you are passionate about cars, you must have heard of mag wheels. For those of you who have never come across this term before, mag wheels or magnesium wheels are a special form of alloy rims. They gained popularity in the professional racing scenario back in the early 60s as they weighed less than the conventional steel rims, hence, improving performance.

However, during the early 60s, the process of casting and alloying was not refined. As a result, the rims were less ductile and ended up breaking easily, and were hence prone to accidents. However, with the passage of time, the alloying process improved and with it mag wheels gained popularity among the masses. However, enough with the history classes!


What to Look For and Where to Look For It:

If you are interested in buying mag wheels for your car, you can either visit your nearest rim and tyre dealership, body shop, auto detailing specialist or certain wholesale warehouse stores, or you can also search online as most manufacturers sell their products directly on their official website. You can look at reputed online e-commerce stores too.

Buying mag wheels online can be a pleasant experience if you are aware of the technicalities involved in the transaction. For example, if you like a rim that you came across accidentally on an e-commerce platform, do not jump on the deal immediately. There are certain procedures that you must indulge in first, to ascertain the authenticity of both the seller and the product.

Most e-commerce websites have their unique customer feedback and rating mechanism, where the sellers are evaluated by their customers on the basis of the quality of the product received, time required for delivery and after sales service, etc. Check the reputation of your shortlisted seller, as your future experiences depend on his integrity.

Why Choose Mag Wheels?

Mag wheels are a unique addition to your car, which lend individuality by cutting down on the overall weight, enhancing the exterior aesthetics of your ride and increasing your vehicle’s value. Another positive side of mag wheels is that they are stronger than your average steel rims, hence, more durable. However, they do not handle excess stress well. Hence, you might want to avoid driving over potholed roads as much as possible, as these rims do not come cheap and once deformed, you’ll have to shell out another fortune to get them repaired or replaced.

The Pros and Cons of Installing Mag Wheels:

The primary downside of using magnesium wheels is that they are easily combustible. Hence, the rims will burn hotter in case of an accidental fire. They are also quite difficult to extinguish. Make sure your insurance covers aftermarket modifications, or you might have a hard time later on!

Mag wheels have a better heat conduction capability than the conventional steel rims. Hence, the brakes work more efficiently. Being light weight, they improve the fuel economy and handling on your ride. Hence, it is up to you to weigh out the positives against the negatives and decide for yourself whether you want to install mag wheels!

Opt for XXR Wheels If You Need Performance, Beauty and Stability in Your Vehicle

XXR Wheels have been around in the rims and tyres industry for over 3 decades. In 2014, the company manufactured around 2.4 Million Wheels and the count has been growing ever since. XXR wheels are available in various sizes, for different purposes. For this reason, many refer to them as multi-purpose wheels. XXR wheels are the best options of people looking to vamp their rides with new Tyres and Wheels Packages.

XXR Wheels come with a one year manufacturer warranty. Most dealers give free shipping with XXR Tyres and Wheels Packages. XXR are offered in various sizes ranging from 15-20 inches. XXR Wheels can be fit into most cars, according to their specifications. XXR Wheels Dealers always offer custom wheels along with free road force balancing.


Most Tyres and Wheels packages come with polished or chrome sidings. These provide for a great appearance enhancement to your cars. XXR Custom Wheels can also have special custom finish and paint jobs. If you want something like that then you should first consult the options available to you at the dealer’s showroom.

Does Your Car Need An XXR Wheels Makeover?

Ask yourself these questions – 1. Is your car performing at its optimal level? 2. Can it guarantee a smooth and powerful ride?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you should be looking for best Tyres and Wheel Packages that you can afford. Wheels are the most important investment in your vehicle if you really want to pump your ride. We are saying this, because if you were happy with stock wheels, then you would not have been reading this article.

We understand the importance of your ride. Driving a car is much more than just taking the car from Point A to Point B. XXR Wheels will give your car the edge to perform at its peak levels.

Most car owners are fooled but dirty tactics of wheels and tyres package dealers who push cheap and low-grade wheels to them, in the hopes of getting more money and return visits to their showroom.

It is a good idea to be armed with as much knowledge about wheels and tyres packages as you can have before you approach an XXR Wheel Dealer. By opting for cheap or low-quality tyres, car owners settle for run-of-the-mill services which bring down the performance of their vehicle and increase as well as decrease the oil efficiency.

Don’t be fooled by self-proclaimed experts who mislead people into fitting the wrong wheels for their vehicles. When you want performance and stability, XXR Wheels is one of the brand names that you can count upon.

Not only are XXR Wheels praised for their performance, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle as well as augment all the other requirements.

The Pros and Cons of TPMS on Cheap Tyres

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are in it for the long haul, and you should learn about the benefits and drawbacks of modern TPMS hardware. By learning the pros and cons, you can avoid some of the most common pitfalls that come with this common but expensive technology.

The Benefits of TPMS

There’s one main benefit to TPMS on cheap tyres: it can save your tyres and quite possibly your life. The monitoring system warns you via an indicator light when one of your tyres has less than 25% of the factory recommended air pressure. You’ll learn about a flat tyre before its sidewalls fold over and come into contact with one another, and are damaged beyond repair. By warning of problems well ahead of time, a TPMS can help you save money—and it can keep you safe.


TPMS Disadvantages

In most cases, tyre pressure monitoring systems work well, and they serve their purpose. However, there are certain issues that installers of replica wheels and tyres should consider when dealing with TPMS.

  • They’re not very robust. Most TPMS systems are part of the valve stem assembly. As the stem is installed, the monitor is placed inside the tyre. The system is relatively fragile, and improper dismounting can damage it. Most tyre installers won’t accept responsibility for valve stem or TPMS damage, and replacement can be costly.
  • The valve stems are fragile and can corrode much faster than you may expect. The core, a tiny metal piece inside the valve stem, must be made of the same material as the stem itself to resist corrosion.
  • If your car is equipped with a TPMS, you should be choosy about who installs your tyres. Ensure that the shop you choose knows how to handle and reset TPMS systems.
  • They aren’t standardized. Almost every car maker has its own TPMS system, and most sensors are dealer-installed parts only.
  • TPMS has to be reset after replica wheels are moved or a sensor is replaced. It can be difficult to figure out how to reset the system, and most shops have software or books with instructions.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems have their difficulties, but their one key advantage outweighs many of the smaller issues. Many problems are solvable with today’s indirect TPMS that uses sensors embedded in the ABS system. These systems are becoming more common, and tyre techs welcome them for their ease of use.